Given name: Zośka Family name: Moszkowicz

  • YES
  • Female
  • Zośka
  • Moszkowicz
  • At Miodowa Street No. 24 the author met Zivia Lubetkin, Antek, Kazik, Fishgrund, Mikolaj, Celemenski, Irka, Marysia, Zoska Moszkowicz, Ala Margolis, Krysia, Halina (Perele Ellenbogen) and many other messengers and organisation activists.

  • activists
  • It is not certain but probable, that the messenger working in 1943 on gathering data about labour camps was Z. Moszkowicz, a young messenger of 'Aryan appearance' (p. 304)

  • str. 238,304