Given name: Unknown Family name: Mannówna

  • YES
  • Female
  • Mannówna
  • she got a Kennkarte for Reicher - a famous dancer. Before the war the I award in a contest in Brussels. 'She went to the 'Aryan side' individually. She had an appropriate pass. She contacted with Polish documents forgers. She could help a lot and she willingly did so. She was among the most priviliged people in the ghetto. There were rumours that she was a Gestapo agent and a lover of the famous Stroop. Mannowna was shot on the 'Aryan side' in mysterious circumstances'.

  • artists/writers
  • mispronounces the surname - as Mannowna

  • Reicher, Edward; W ostrym swietle dnia. Dziennik zydowskiego lekarza 1939-1945 (In Broad Daylight. A Diary of a Jewish Doctor 1939 - 1945)

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