Given name: Szoszana Family name: Langer

  • YES
  • Female
  • Szoszana
  • Langer
  • 'Akiba' member; there was a secret shop of smuggled goods shop in her family's flat at Muranowska Street No. 44 (ground floor); arrested for smuggling and detained at Gesiowka, during the Great Liquidation Action she hides in the prison attic and escapes being deported to the Umschlagplatz, a Jewish police officer helps her. During the uprising in the ghetto 20-year-old Szoszana's family hid in the basement, in the annexe to the house at Muranowska Street No. 44, for some time they let Helena Rufeisen-Schuepper in there. After burning the house Szoszana together with her parents goes out of the hideout, gets deported to the Umschlagplatz and driven into the train. She jumps off the rushing train, she hurts her nose; she comes back to Warsaw and hides. She sleeps in fields, in staircases, on a garden bench. She meets 'Kazik' (Symch Rotem), who takes her to a hideout in Rembertow (where there is also Helena R-S). Together with Helena R-S she decides to go to the Hotel Polski, from where she is transported to Bergen-Belsen

  • activists
  • Rufeisen-Schuepper, Helena; Pozegnanie Milej 18. Wspomnienia laczniczki Zydowskiej Organizacji Bojowej (A Farewell in Mila Street No. 18. Memoires of Messenger of the Jewish Fighting Organisation)

  • 97; 105;119-121; 126-127; 130