Given name: Leon Family name: Kac

  • YES
  • Male
  • Leon
  • Kac
  • A barber, had his own barbershop at Zelazna Street No. 103, the most popular and influential among the Jewish workers of the Befehlstelle, short, ca. 150 cm tall, freckle-faced, fair ginger hair, a long scar on the right cheek, sharp, penetrating glance, narrow lips, did not know his father, born in poverty, his mother died, six years old - in an orphanage, ten years old - hard work in a tailor's workshop, hunger, violence. Leon starts working in Moszek's barbershop located in Niska Street near the tailor's workshop. After many years Leon married Moszek's daughter - Rachel, who had three brothers. After Moszek's death he bacame a barber in Smocza Street - poverty. Survived in the ghetto, suffered from typhus.

  • craftsmen
  • Reicher, Edward W ostrym świetle dnia. Dziennik żydowskiego lekarza 1939-1945 (In Broad Daylight. A Diary of a Jewish Doctor 1939 - 1945)

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