Given name: Unknown Family name: Hirsch

  • YES
  • Male
  • Hirsch
  • A friend of the author, "a very wise Jew." Thought that Jews should defend themselves, protest against the killings, alarm the world.

  • Intelligentsia
  • States logical, unpopular opinions. The English translator thinks that this is an invented alter-ego of Kaplan, an unemotional stoic, a pessimistic realist. But on page No. 267 Hirsch, red in face from anger, calls people idiots because of unrealistic hopes of the fall of the Third Reich - such a behavior is uncommon for the author, thus the character appears to be real. Similarly Hirsch, attacks "like a storm" his countrymen, who were worried about the fate of Palestine. He said that one hundred Jews were killed there in the ghetto (page 286).

  • Kapłan, Chaim Aron Scroll of Agony. The Warsaw Diary, transl. from Hebrew and ed. by A. I. Katsh

  • 264,267,271-272,285-286