Given name: Stefan Family name: Cukier

  • YES
  • Male
  • Stefan
  • Cukier
  • Zuker
  • An engineer, Liliana Cukier's father. In 1939 he works as the director of the Judenrat office. After moving to Warsaw in 1940, together with his wife he gets to the ghetto. Seven of them live in one room in Krochmalna Street. Stefan works in a small German ammunition plant situated in the ghetto. He gets deported to a camp in April 1943 together with other workers from the plant.

  • Intelligentsia
  • In 1939 he is one of the youngest clerks in the Judenrat. Athletic - he practiced tennis and cycling. A 'born optimist' - according to his daughter, Liliana. He suddenly grew old, treated by Germans 'as a beast'. He wore glasses.

  • Zuker-Bojanowska, Liliana, LILIANA´S JOURNAL; WARSAW 1939-1945