Given name: Rachela Family name: Auerbach

  • YES
  • Female
  • Rachela
  • Auerbach
  • a journalist, a worker for voluntary causes. In the 20s she worked in Lvov, in editorial staff of 'Najer Morgen' ('New Tomorrow') magazine. She was one of the pillars of Ringelblum archive. She was writing 'Monograph of Popular (folk) Cuisine', which she was supposed to develop for the competition 'Dwa lata getta' (Two Years of the Ghetto) organised by Ringelblum. In the Warsaw ghetto, for a long time (almost 3 years), she led a kitchen for the writers (and later for other dwellers of the ghetto) in Leszno Street No. 40. She lived at that time at her relatives' place in Leszno Street No. 66. During the First Liquidation Action, both houses became an integral part of the complex of working places and residential blocks of W. C. Toebbens company. Rachela, as a former head of the kitchen, still worked in it. After the First Liquidation Action, she was transferred to the artificial honey and sweets factory in Franciszknaska Street No. 30, which was placed at the rear of her house, in which the Supply Section was placed. Many activists from the Ringleblum circles worked there. Rachela's task was to write down the testimony of a refugee from the death camp in Treblinka. After the Second Liquidation Action, she crossed to the 'Aryan side'. In March 1943, she was led to the 'Aryan side' by Teodor Pajewski. In 1944 after the fall of the Warsaw Uprising she was expelled from Warsaw, together with its Polish dwellers. Author of a book.

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  • In the second half of August 1939, to the outbreak of the war, she worked, substituting, as a final proofreader in the evenings in the 'Nasz Przeglad' printing house.

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