Po dramatycznych wydarzeniach 29 lipca Stefan...

  • NO
  • Po dramatycznych wydarzeniach 29 lipca Stefan z matką idą na Kruczą i zostają tam na czas powstania warszawskiego

  • 1944-07-29
  • Warsaw Uprising
  • housing
  • 67,68
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    • Chaskielewicz Stefan

      High school finals in the Merchants’ Union of Warsaw Gymnasium (junior high school), tertiary education in Belgium,...

    • Chaskielewicz Unknown

      the author's mother, 7 September 1942 Stefan illegaly put his mother on the list of bakers and in this way he saved...

    • T Unknown

      A housekeep of a flat in Krucza Street. Came from a modest environment, did not work, became a widow before the war,...

    • Unknown Mirka

      Mrs T.'s daughter, young

    • Unknown Weronika

      Mrs. T's sister, lineman's widow, lives at Krucza Street

    • Unknown Irena

      She hid in Mrs T.'s flat in Krucza Street. Lonely person, in her forties, not very intelligent.

    • "krakowianka" Unknown

      young woman from Cracow, with 5 year old daughter, the woman is pretty, of non-Semitic appearance, she speaks quite...

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    • Krucza

      Mrs. T. lives there with her daughter Mirka and her sister Weronika. They hide two Jewish women and a child, periodi...