Given name: Unknown Family name: Michelsohn

  • YES
  • Male
  • Michelsohn
  • Member of Vernichtungskommando in Lublin; he came to the Warsaw Ghetto on 19 April 1943 to supervise ghetto's liquidation.

  • Germans
  • Jews' Diaries, catalogue number 302/49; in The Jewish Historical Institute Archives. Henryk Rudnicki, born 1899? Historia martyrologii i wykonczenia getta warszawskiego Anno Domini 1942 (The History Of Martyrdom and Extermination of the Warsaw Ghetto Anno Domini 1942). Description of the deportation action in summer 1942, organisation of the so-called shops, participation of the Jewish Police in the deportations. The author's fate: on 16 August 1942 he was with his wife at the Umschlagplatz, he managed to get out, but his wife was deported to the extermination camp. Description of the extermination camp in Treblinka. Selection of ghetto inhabitants in the so-called 'September round-up' 1942. Living conditions in the rump ghetto. The Warsaw ghetto uprising. The image of the uprising in Polish underground press and Poles' opinions about the uprising. Revelation of Katyn massacre (the author thinks that Katyn was a German provocation). Situation of Jews hiding on the 'Aryan side'. The Hotel Polski affair. Reflections on the history of the German nation. The author left the ghetto in January 1943; he wrote the diary hiding on the 'Aryan side'. Descriptions of the extermination camp in Treblinka (supplemented in December 1944) and of the ghetto uprising are based on the author's personal experiences. No page with the Umschlagplatz plan. The diary was donated to the Jewish Historical Commission in 1946 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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