Właściciel mieszkania, osoby które przychodził...

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  • Właściciel mieszkania, osoby które przychodziły spędzać dzień i jedna z mieszkających na Ciepłej przynosili żywność

  • kwiecień 43
  • sierpień 44
  • Poles operations, housing, private/everyday life
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      She was born in Warsaw in the community of assimilated Polish Jews, she attended a Polish school where she also lear...

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      he hid in a flat in Ciepla Street No. 26 until August 1944 perhaps for two years, he took part in putting out a fire...

    • Unknown Jasio

      for almost two years he was hiding in the flat at Ciepla Street No. 26 until August 1944

    • Unknown Zosia

      She hid in a flat at Ciepla Street No. 26. She was the only person living there, who went to the city from time to t...

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