Rewizja u dziadków Lewinsonów. Aresztowali dzi...

  • YES
  • Rewizja u dziadków Lewinsonów. Aresztowali dziadka i Julka. Pobili ich i trzymali w więzieniu przez kilka dni

  • 1940
  • before formation of the ghetto
  • German operations
  • Germans, prison
  • 49
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    • Lewinson Maksymilian

      Author's grandfather. He owned a music shop with instruments in Nowy Swiat Street. He went bankrupt 'a modest, elder...

    • Lewinson Wiera

      author's grandmother, Father's mother

    • Lewinson Julian

      Father's brother, doctor roentgenologist; in Jewish Police, died in the uprising in the ghetto (?); probably died af...

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