Przybiega p. Helena z wiadomością, że powstani...

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  • Przybiega p. Helena z wiadomością, że powstanie wybuchnie lada dzień

  • 1944-07-29
  • 1944-07-29
  • Poles operations, private/everyday life
  • atmosphere
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    • Jaworski Zbigniew

      Szpilman's former coleague from the radio, he hides him in a house for a week in August 1943. He is shot by the Ukra...

    • Lewicka Helena

      Despite the fact, that she hasn't known Szpilman before, she hid him and looked after him unsparingly since August 1...

    • Szpilman Władysław

      A pianist, worked for Polskie Radio (Polish Radio), lived with his parents, brother and two sisters in Sliska Street...

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