Przenoszą się do drewnianego domu, mili współl...

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  • Przenoszą się do drewnianego domu, mili współlokatorzy - Frania, Rubinstein

  • luty 40
  • before formation of the ghetto
  • private life / daily life
  • housing
  • Reicher, Edward, W ostrym świetle dnia. Dziennik żydowskiego lekarza 1939-1945

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  • Related people:

    • Reicher Edward

      A wealthy doctor. He had a villa in Ruda Pabianicka near Lodz; a dermatologist; one of the heads of the Health Depar...

    • Unknown Frania

      father's nurse. She lives with her parents in the villa in Zgierska Street, a a different room - later in Pfeifer St...

    • Rubinstein Unknown

      Artur's brother. Uncles and aunt lived in the same house as the author, in Pfeifer Street.

    Related places:

    • Pfeifera

      isolated, wooden house, four rooms - the Reicherts live there