Najaktywniejsi współpracownicy i działacze Yik...

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  • Najaktywniejsi współpracownicy i działacze Yikor: po śmierci Lindera - 17-04-42 działalność Yikor zaczęła zwijać się, ale nie zanikła całkowicie

  • 1942-04-17
  • in the ghetto
  • social/communal
  • activists, Intelligentsia, artists/writers, everyday life
  • 210
  • Related people:

    • Giterman Icchak

      Before the war, the head of the Joint (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) - in Russia - in Vilna from Sep...

    • Ringelblum Emanuel

      head of the Social Department of the Jewish Self-Help; was in the Central Commission for Entertainments (CKI) Counci...

    • Linder Menachem

      at the activists' meeting; underground organisations activist; in the statistics sector and registry office, erudite...

    • Perle Jehoszua

      after his comeback from Lvov, he worked as a cashier in the Supply Section; he wrote a satirical comedy about life i...

    • Kirman Józef

      A writer, an activist of the YIKOR (the Jewish Cultural Organization)

    • Mazo Mordechaj

      former director of a theatre in Vilna, at activists' meeting; in the kitchen's sector; works as a clerk; in administ...

    • Auerbach Rachel

      a writer, worked in a canteen for the convalescents, in administration at Orla Street No. 6, in Yikor (the Jewish Cu...

    • Ajzensztadt Dawid

      runs the synagogue choir; active in Yikor (the Jewish Cultural Organization)

    • Czerski Pinkas

      on the activists meeting, one of heads of Joint (American Jewish Distribution Committee); before the war, manager of...

    • Winter Szmuel

      A Yikor writer .

    • Berman Adolf

      After the murder of Brianski- the pre-war head of the Centos (the Central Organization for Orphan Care), a lawyer; P...

    • Neusztadt L

      an activist of the Joint (Jewish Distribution Committee); wounded; one of the JOINT directors; American passport - a...

    • Nowogródzka Sonia

      the wife of Emanuel Nowodgrodzki, a Bund fighter, who during the war got to America. She organised material help in...

    • Remba Nachum

      Secretary of the Judenrat - people called him the 'conscience of the Judenrat'. One of the 36 Righteous among the Na...

    • Zagan Szachno

      Poale Zion member, attended a meeting about secular education in Yiddish, recommended people to give help to certain...

    • Klog Lozer

      Wanted 17 April 1942, the leader of the printers' union - he was not at home; at the Jewish Scientific Institute.

    • Szkliar I

      an activist of the YIKOR (Jewish Cultural Organization)

    • Waser Unknown

      A co-worker of Ringelblum when working on the archives. An activist of Yikor.

    • Berman Basia

      In the Centos (the Central Organization for Orphan Care) - she worked with children; in YIKOR (the Jewish Cultural O...

    • Mławer Unknown

      a Bund activist, in district aid committees; in Yikor (the Jewish Cultural Organization)

    • Orleska Miriam

      Actress, works as a clerk, performs in Femina - the first role in 'Matura' (High School Finals); YIKOR (the Jewish C...

    • Braz Chana

      An actress. She worked for children and was a member of the YIKOR (the Jewish Cultural Organization).

    • Sztern Izrael

      a writer works in YIKOR (the Jewish Cultural Organization)

    • Gilbert Szlomo

      Placed Rubinstein in his works; an activist of the YIKOR (the Jewish Cultural Organization)

    • Lerer Jechiel

      activist of the YIKOR (the Jewish Cultural Organization)

    • Wajntraub Władysław

      A sculptor and painter, in the administration of the house at Orla Street No. 6, at a meeting of a Judenrat Departme...

    • Turkow Jonas

      The author worked at Orla Street No. 6 in a committee, lived at Nowolipki Street No. 53 and was the head of the Coun...