Konkurs Młodych talentów - odkrywanie nieznany...

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  • Konkurs Młodych talentów - odkrywanie nieznanych - wsparcie moralne i materialne - 200 i 100 zł - dwie nagrody w kategoriach - skrzypce, pianino, śpiew, aktor, taniec. 10 nagród - w sumie 1500 zł. Nigdy nie występowali publicznie. Komisja konkursowa:

  • 01-42
  • in the ghetto
  • private life / daily life
  • actors, youth, musicians, care / social welfare, artists/writers
  • 191
  • Related people:

    • Cajtlin Elkanan

      He works in the press department of the Jewish self-help organisation; he worked in Joint, young talents contest, in...

    • Ek Natan

      In the Audit Division, activist, secondary school professor engaged in clandestine education; he was a juror in he Y...

    • Łazowert Henryka

      Jewish and Polish poet, head of the Finance Department; poem about little smugglers; jury in the young talent contes...

    • Marek Andrzej

      A director, a licence to run a small theatre - the art director; in the jury in a young talent contest; in the Depar...

    • Pulman Szymon

      A conductor; also a chamber orchestra. Brother-in-law of doctor Bielenka; in the Young Talent Contest.

    • Rajzer Anita

      A eurhythmics school; in the Young Talent Contest.

    • Szereszewska Iza

      in the jury of the young talents' competition

    • Wolfson Zygmunt

      A professor; he was in the jury panel for young talents (Młode Talenty); a musician.

    • Turkow Jonas

      The author worked at Orla Street No. 6 in a committee, lived at Nowolipki Street No. 53 and was the head of the Coun...

    • Prusicka Irena

      Teaches dance, eurythmics, ballet; performed in Femina Theatre; in a German film about the ghetto; in the Young Tale...

    • Fiszhaut Józef

      in artists' committee at Orla Street No. 6; head of string quartet; in the jury of Young Talents (Mlode Talenty)

    • Liberman Aleksander

      decorations - to 'Mlody Wiesniak' ('Young Peasant') among others; professor - in The Young Talent Contest jury