Koncert na rzecz chorego pianisty Leona Boruńs...

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  • Koncert na rzecz chorego pianisty Leona Boruńskiego. Zeszło się z 400 osób z elity i pseudoelity towarzyskiej; wytworne damy z plutokracji i szykowni dorobkiewicze byli niezmiernie ciekawi czy pani L. ukłoni się pani K. Obie nienawidziły się i konkurowały o mężczyzn

  • 1942-07-18
  • 1942-07-18
  • in the ghetto
  • social/communal, private life / daily life
  • the rich, musicians, care / social welfare
  • 87-90
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    • Goldfeder Adolf

      a lawyer and pianist, played in a duo with Szpilman in cafe 'Sztuka'. Very popular; people of the pre-war Warsaw lik...

    • Szpilman Władysław

      A pianist, worked for Polskie Radio (Polish Radio), lived with his parents, brother and two sisters in Sliska Street...

    • Boruński Leon

      A pianist, he suffered from tuberculosis. He was left with nothing to live on in the ghetto in Otwock. On 18 July 19...

    • L. Unknown

      Miss L., a wealthy lady, she competed with Miss K.

    • K. Unknown

      Ms K. was a well-off lady, Mrs. L. was her rival.

    • Cohn [Kohn, Kon] Maurycy

      co-owner of tramways; a Gestapo functionary, with a handsome nervous face of an actor. Miss L and Miss K rivaled ove...

    • Kramsztyk Roman

      A painter, used to come to a cafe in Sienna Street, Szpilman's friend. Died in the ghetto - shot at the beginning of...

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