Given name: Alina Family name: Winawer

  • YES
  • Female
  • Alina
  • Winawer
  • She was born in Warsaw in the community of assimilated Polish Jews, she attended a Polish school where she also learnt Jewish history. Her father died in 1936 and her mother left to Palestine 3 months before the war break out. In 1939 Anna was on the 4th year of chemistry at Warsaw Polytechnic. After the Germans invaded Warsaw, she found her way to Lvov together with her sister and the sister's husband. She continued studies in chemistry at Lvov Polytechnic. In December 1941 she left with her sister and brother in law for Warsaw. She lived with the parents of her brother-in-law in Panska Street; she tutored children. During the summer action she moved to the uncle's flat in Smocza Street. She married, pro forma, the cousin of her current husband, she did the accounts in the German clothes storehouse, which was run by her uncle. On 6 and 7 of September 1942 she went through a selection together with other workers from the storehouse. She came back with her uncle to the flat in Smocza Street and worked there until 15 of January 1943. On this day she left the ghetto and her brother in law placed her in Nurska Street. After 3 months this flat was discovered by the Germans and Anna moved to Ciepla Street No. 26. She hid there until the Warsaw Uprising. After the fire of 7 August 1944 she camped in the square next to the ruins of the Merchants’ Union Gymnasium at the corner of Prosta and Walicow Street until the end of the Uprising. After capitulation of the Uprising she hid with her mates from Ciepla deep in the cellar of the ruins.

  • Intelligentsia
  • The author makes a mistake and calls her Anna

  • 152-166