Chaskielewiczowie przenoszą się na Koszykową

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  • Chaskielewiczowie przenoszą się na Koszykową

  • początek listopada 43
  • początek listopada 43
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    • Unknown Maria

      the Chaskielewicz family hid at her place in Koszykowa Street (autumn-winter 1943), later she helped them to find ne...

    • Chaskielewicz Stefan

      High school finals in the Merchants’ Union of Warsaw Gymnasium (junior high school), tertiary education in Belgium,...

    • Chaskielewicz ojciec Unknown

      Before the war he was the head of branch of a Belgian photochemical industry plants GEVAERT in Poland and Gdansk; in...

    • Chaskielewicz Unknown

      the author's mother, 7 September 1942 Stefan illegaly put his mother on the list of bakers and in this way he saved...

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    • Koszykowa

      Mrs. Maria lived there. The Chaskielewiczes were in hiding there since the beginning of November 1943 for more than...